ICMediaDirect Built Noteworthy Record Of Effective Reputation Management

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  • June 27, 2017
  • ICMediaDirect Built Noteworthy Record Of Effective Reputation Management
    ICMediaDirect Built Noteworthy Record Of Effective Reputation Management

    ICMediaDirect has built a noteworthy track record for efficient reputation management, having enhanced the brand image of Fortune 500 brands, celebrities, athletes, and politicians. The agency uses a formulated strategy for diminishing the undesired impact of criticism. First, examine whether or not the comment is authentic. Some information posted online is the result of competing brands. The best course of action when this happens is to request to have the review removed citing its unlikely legitimacy. Furthermore, find out if a review is opinion based. If so, the brand has a powerful opportunity to share factual, positive information about their services, while diluting the effect of the review. When a customer has left factual, but unfavorable feedback, it is time to react fully and genuinely. The firm then recommends a thorough approach, combining an apology with a proactive solution to a client’s review.

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